The City of Sutton, Nebraska

Sutton Aquatic Facility

Project Beginning

In November of 1998 the Voters of Sutton approved a 1% sales tax to be used for the construction of a new swimming pool. During 1999 the City researched what type of pool would be beneficial and then sent out request for proposals for an Engineer to design the pool. Olsson and Associates from Holdrege NE, were chosen to be the engineers on this project. Starting in February of 2000, Members of the City Council, Park Board, and community met with Olsson Associates to design the new aquatic facility. The design process took approximately 9 months, and in January of 2001, bids were accepted for the construction of the Sutton Aquatic Facility. Van Kirk Sand and Gravel, of Sutton NE was chosen as the General Contractor for the project. Starting in February of 2001 members of City Public Works Department have begun removing pieces of the Old Swimming Pool to prepare for the new construction. The following Pages will be updated on a regular basis to show the different phases of construction of the New Aquatic Facility in Nebraska.

Facility Site

The new aquatic facility will be located south of the existing pool. Construction will commence in the spring of 2001, with a completion date of September 15th 2001. The current pool will be utilized for the summer of 2001, while construction of the new pool is taking place.


Removal of Existing Baby Pool


Mother Nature Strikes

Trying to keep up with the time line for the pool, mother nature will play a major role. The ability of not only the city crews, but also the contractor will be hampered by inclement weather. The first obstacle was discovered during the removal of the existing baby pool. Hopefully these type of problems won't keep occurring.


City Forces Fighting Back

The solution: a bigger truck.


Tree Removal at the Aquatic Facility Site

City Forces removing the trees at the New Aquatic Facility.


Preplanning and Preperation of the site

Preplanning and preparation for the Sutton NEW AQUATIC FACILITY! Van Kirk Brothers have been hampered by the Nebraska Winter during the preparation for building the NEW AQUATIC FACILITY in Sutton Nebraska. The pictures below are during the early stages of the planning for the construction of the new pool and bathhouse. Measurements and marking of the area were needed to determine how much dirt would be needed to fill the new construction site to prevent the pool from settling in the future.

The Sutton Public Works department was responsible for moving an existing water line for the old pool prior to the construction of the new pool. The city crews ran into problems as the water line was laid prior to any of the employees becoming part of the Sutton City Staff. After much digging and destruction the public works department was able to find the water line and cap it off. The existing pool will be filled by a temporary line for the summer and the new pool will connect into the old line at the point where it was capped.

Moving Dirt

Van Kirk Brothers have begun moving dirt around the new pool location in Sutton. The NEW AQUATIC FACILITY will require about 10,000 yards of dirt to be hauled and placed at the site prior to the construction of the new pool and bathhouse. The dirt was purchased by the City of Sutton from a local land owner; Van Kirks will haul the dirt to the location and allow it to set for 30 days prior to digging the new pool base. The park has in the past flooded during a 100 year rain. The new dirt will be leveled off at 3 foot above the 100 year flood mark.

Replacing the Water Line

A necessity for every pool is water. The old swimming pool in Sutton was fed by a four inch water main that needed to be removed so the new pool could be built. The Sutton Public Works department members were charged with this task and had their fair share of problems.

In addition to the problems that the members of the Sutton Public Works Department had, Van Kirk Brothers Contracting crew had problems with ground water. While trying to level out the construction area, one of the operators had an opportunity to test the soil with his piece of equipment.

While finishing the final preparations for hauling 10,000 yards of dirt in one of the Van Kirk Brothers' crew members had the unfortunate experience of the ground water in Sutton.


Digging the New Aquatic Facility


Finished Digging

Van Kirk Brothers and New Wave Pools began digging the New Aquatic Facility in Sutton during the week of May 7th 2001. The final completition date for the project is September 15th 2001. Throughout the project various organizations have found problems with ground water at the location of the facililty. The following pictures depict the diving well area for the new pool. The new pool will have a one meter spring board and drop slide in this area. The diving well will stretch into a 25 meter lap swimming area.


Formed Pool and Poured Footings

The beginning of July has brought about some warm weather and further construction or the Sutton New Aquatic Facility. New Wave Pools have formed the pool with plywood and pine bracing, while Quality Builders have poured the footings for the new bath house.


Pouring Concrete

In the final week of July 2001, New Wave Pools began pouring and shooting the concrete for the New Aquatic Facility in Sutton Nebraska. The floor for the facility was poured in typical concrete fashion, while the a gunite procedure was used on the walls of the facility. The entire concrete process for the pool should be completed within 2 weeks if the weather cooperates. Below are pictures of the truck used to pump concrete for the floors and the actual construction of the pool floors for the diving pit, and slide pit.


More Concrete

By the middle of August a substantial amount of the concrete work for the New Aquatic Facility was completed. Using a Gunite Process New Wave Pools had completed the floors and walls of the pool.


Continued Work at the New Aquatic Facility

Subcontractors for the New Aquatic Facility continued work in the late part of July and early part of August. Since the completion of the concrete work of the pool, New Wave Pools have begun laying for the pipe work for the slides, recirculation, and water toys. Work on the new bath house has increased as the block layers have had a couple of good weeks of weather to work on the building. Representatives of Whitewater West Slide manufacturing and installation company were on site to complete the footing's and bases of the water slides.

Demolition of the Existing Pool

As soon as the last patron of the swimming season exited the current swimming pool in Sutton, city forces began the demolition of the pool to make way for the New Aquatic Facility. While substantial work on the new aquatic facility still needs to be completed, the removal of the existing pool will make way for an easier working environment. The current structure will be removed to make way for a parking lot for the new facility.

Testing the New Pool - November 2001

In the middle of Nobember 2001, New Wave Pools and White Water West Industries test filled the pool and operated the slides and toys for the new aquatic facility. City Administrator Pete Olson, took the opportunity to be the first person down the slides and in to the 55 degree water (somebody forget to tell him the heater wasn't hooked up yet). The testing would be the end of the construction season and would leave finish up work to be completed in the spring.


Painting the Pool

With summer rapidly approaching, finishing the new aquatic facility in Sutton has become a priority. New Wave Pools and Spa's applied the paint to the project and leaving the parking lot and some cleanup items as the construction project comes to a close.


April 2002 Overhead View

These pictures were taken in April of 2002, during the final stages of the pool construction. Children and adults alike are looking forward to Opening Day (May 25th), and the celebration associated with the new facility.


Ready for Final Inspection

As time grows close to opening day, final touches were finished on the New Aquatic Facility in Sutton Nebraska. The water and chemicals were added, the heaters been turned on the staff began training for the increased responsibility of the new facility.