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On September 13, 2005 the City of Sutton residents in a special election approved a Sales and Use Tax of One Half Percent (1/2%) for Economic Development. The Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act (LB840, 1991) authorizes incorporated cities and villages to appropriate and spend local sales and property tax revenues for certain economic development purposes. Such action must be made in compliance with procedures set forth in the Act. Activities eligible for local funds collected for the economic development program would include any project or program for the purpose of providing direct or indirect financial assistance to a qualifying business, or for the payment of related costs and expenses.

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For more information on the LB840 program please contact our City Administrator, Jeff Hofaker at (402) 773-4225.

Economic Development Committee
Reviews financial requests from businesses inquiring about the LB840 program and recommends directional action per each request toward the city council for final decisions on actions for LB840 program requests. Historical statistics since the program was established are the following: Over 8 years, 22 businesses have made requests for LB840 funds and 17 businesses were approved to be given assistance. The cumulative assistance given over this 8 year time period has been $450,000 in grants and $256,000 in loans. Fifteen (15) businesses which received funds have created cumulatively 42 new job opportunities. These new positions created have an estimated cumulative payroll of approximately $5.22 million during that same timeframe of 8 years. This figure does not include, sales for these businesses (in same time frame) or ancillary businesses created or sales due to customer roll-over (people stopping in Sutton due to sales/service of new business, then shopping while in town at another business due to convenience or need). Quite simply, for every 13 cents of LB840 money used for business development, a full dollar has been created for the economy. Members: Corey Ebert, Ty Yost, Trent Schelkopf

Citizen Advisory Committee
Reviews and suggests changes be made for the use of the LB840 funds within the purpose and scope of the fund’s original creation. This review process and activity is performed minimally on a yearly basis. Members: Scott Bitterman, Jim Jones Jr., Monte Lemkau, Zach Parrish, Dustin Scheidemann

Enacts rules and regulations, which shall have the full force and effect of law, to safeguard the health of the people of the city, may enforce them and may provide fines and punishments for the violations thereof. Shall make all needful rules and regulations relating to matters of sanitation of the City. It may regulate, suppress and prevent the occurrence of nuisances and enforce all laws of the state and occurrence of the city relating to nuisances and matters of sanitation of the city. Refer to Title III: 32.04 Members: Mayor Todd Mau, Council President – Larry T. Nuss, Kristi Eggers, Police Chief – Tracey Landenberger

Shall have charge of all parks and recreational facilities belonging to the city and have the power to establish rules for the management, care and use of the same. Members: Sara Nuss, Danny Russell, Taylor Roth, Brett Freese, Marland Sedersten

Has the power and authority to hire and supervise such employees as they may deem necessary and to pass such rules and regulations for the operation of the Cemetery as may be proper for its efficient operation. All actions by the board shall be under the supervision and control of the Governing body or its designations. Members: Stan Perrien, Linda Schroetlin, Rex Kreutzer, Paula Bergen, Jerry Johnson, Kim Griess

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Cemetery Rules and Regulations click here

Makes and adopts plans for the physical development of the city; prepares and adopts such implemental means as a capital improvement program, subdivision regulations, building codes, and zoning ordinances; consults with other groups to the promulgation and implementation of the comprehensive development plan and its implemental programs; annexation of property; public right-of-way easements; grant conditional uses or special exceptions to property owners for the use of their property. Members: Doug George, Chris Hernandez, Tory Duncan, Jim Smith, Aj Bergen

Hears and decides on appeals when it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official or agency based on or made in the enforcement of any zoning regulation or any regulation relating to the location or soundness of structures, except that the authority to hear and decide appeals shall not apply to decision made by the City Council or Planning Commission regarding a conditional use or special exception. Members: Merlyn Haight, Jim Smith, BJ Smith, Amy Skalka

All encompassing, it oversees and manages operations of library operations and staff. It can establish rules and regulations for the government of such library as may be deemed necessary for its preservation and to maintain its usefulness and efficiency. The library board may fix and impose, by general rules, penalties and forfeitures for trespasses upon or injury to the library grounds, rooms, books, or other property, for failure to return any book, or for violation of any bylaw, rule, or regulation and fix and impose reasonable fees, not to exceed the library's actual cost, for non-basic services. The governing body of the county, city, or village in which the library is located shall approve any personnel administrative or compensation policy or procedure before implementation of such policy or procedure by the library board.. Members: Carol Henricksen, Harriet Maser, Gertie Schmer, Alona Landauer, Keshae Freese

This public body (committee) will operate such activities authorized under the Nebraska Redevelopment Act within the corporate boundaries of the city or for the property being developed which will be annexed into the city. Projects shall be located in a community redevelopment area outlined to be a substandard and blighted area which the community redevelopment authority designates as appropriate for such a renewal project. A redevelopment project shall mean a project as defined in Neb. Rev. Stat. Section 18-2103(12) and generally refers to any work which may include: clearing the area through demolition of existing buildings, structures, or improvements and to make available through the leasing, or selling of the land to developers for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial or other uses. Members: Shawn Sheridan, Ken Lorenzen, Amy Skalka, Brent Mau, Jeremy Robinson, & Jon Pedersen

Sutton Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA)
Ken Lorenzen, Chairman
Jeff Hofaker, City Administrator

107 W Grove Street, PO Box 430 Sutton, NE 68979
Office: (402) 773-4225

For information please contact the office at the above number. Lots available: Grandview Subdivision, School Creek Estates, Horseshoe Bend, and Industrial Park.

This group’s responsibility is to study, investigate, counsel, and develop and/or update annually and administer written plans (annual and long-range) for the care, replacement, maintenance, and removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets and in other public areas of the City of Sutton. An annual comprehensive city tree plan should be presented to the City Council each year. When requested by the City Council, the board shall consider, investigate, making finding, report and recommend any special matter or question relating to trees. Members: Wendi Kessler, Jolene Griess, Mary Ann Spearman, Dee Boals, Julie Haag, Ben Francis, & Rita Johnson

This public body is in charge of established housing projects which were created or assisted through community funds. Currently, the housing authority manages the Nolde Center apartment complex and the Horseshoe Bend Villas Apartment. Members: Delvin Stahl, Steve Schroetlin, Kenny D Griess, Kim Lemkau, & Sherrie Bartell

Sutton is a proud community with a progressive attitude located in America's heartland. It's a short drive from the larger communities of Lincoln, Grand Island, Hastings, and York, while offering all the amenities at home that one needs on a daily basis.

Two subdivisions are located within walking distance of the school and City Park, which still have lots available. Also, a new subdivision has been developed in the west part of town.

Please visit Real Estate for more information. Many families have already discovered Sutton's hometown values, perfect location, affordable housing, strong school system, abundant recreational activities and historic downtown business district. Isn't it about time to check out Sutton for yourself? Contact us to arrange a tour or to receive more information about the community and its people and businesses.

Rental Properties Available In Sutton

Sutton currently offers housing rental properties to fit almost any need, from houses to apartments. To inquire about open rentals, please contact the Landlords listed here.

For upcoming events and notices, check out the Sutton Housing Authority Facebook page.