The City of Sutton, Nebraska

Police Department

Report a Crime or Suspecious Activity

Sutton Police Department
PO BOX 430
Sutton NE 68979

Emergency Phone ... 911
Non Emergency ... 402.773.5545

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sutton Police Department can best be stated as: "Community Peace Through Law." This motto summarizes the goal of our department; to protect the right of all persons to be free from crime and to live in peace. All persons are guaranteed certain rights and privileges that this department is bound to protect.

Our mission can be further broken down into certain ongoing objectives that we, as a department, continually strive to achieve. The objectives of the Police Department are:

  • The protection of life, property, and constitutional guarantees.
  • The enforcement of the statutes of the State of Nebraska.
  • The apprehension of law violators and the prevention of crime.
  • The preservation of social tranquility, safety, and well-being.
  • The recovery and safe-keeping of property.
  • The prevention of civil disorder.
Community Involvement

In addition to regular police duties, the Sutton Police Department is involved with various community projects. Officers from the Sutton Police teach Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs at the Sutton Public Schools. The officers have also spoken to various church, civic and educational groups on various subjects including:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Awareness
  • Community Law Enforcement
  • Neighborhood Safety
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Law Enforcement Career Opportunities

Sutton Police Department
PO BOX 430
Sutton NE 68979