Sutton's City Council

The Sutton City Council is a pro-growth oriented group of individuals dedicated to making Sutton the "Best Community to Live and Work In".

The city along with members of the Industrial, Business, and Residential Community are dedicated to the proper growth and development of the city of Sutton. We look forward to talking with anybody that may have questions about our community, and will do everything possible to help you find an answer or solution to any problems that you may have.

You may contact City Administror, Jeff Hofaker at (402) 773-4225 or talk with Max Bergen with the Sutton Development Corporation at (402) 773-5513.

Sutton has three (3) distint political subdivisions dedicated to promoting and assisting in developmnet projects. While charged with different statutory objectives all play a vital role in assisting in projects within the community. Both the Sutton Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) and the Sutton Housing Agency have played key roles in the development of the community.