Sutton's Utilities

The city of Sutton operates and maintains the Municipal Sewer, Water, and Electric Systems. Trash removal is included on your city electrical bill, and is contracted through Burton Enterprises. Your city bill can be paid with cash during regular office hours, check during business hours or after hours in the drop box. Click here to pay your bill online via credit card. **When paying online via credit card, please note that a convenience fee applies to every transaction; however, the amount of the fee may vary by payment type. Once the payment amount has been entered, the convenience fee amount will be calculated and displayed. You will have the option to continue or discontinue your payment at that time. The convenience fee is non-negotiable and will appear on your credit card or bank statement as a separate line item from your payment amount.

Sutton is provided wholesale electric service by Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). Two 115,000 volt lines deliver power to a substation three miles southwest of the city. At the delivery point, a 7.5 MVA, 115/69/34.5 kV transformer steps down the voltage to 34,500 volts for delivery to the city. The city-owned distribution system is 4,160 volts grounded wire with a substation capacity of 5,000 kVA. Summer bills run from June–September. Winter bills run from October-May

Public Works

Sutton is serviced by a dedicated team of four public works employees. During the spring and summer you will see them around town, maintaining city streets, keeping our parks and cemeteries well groomed, maintaining the swimming pool. During the winter they keep our streets clear of snow. Throughout the year, they keep up with everything listed above, all while keeping our water lines and sewers in good working order, plus doing regular testing on our water wells. If you encounter a problem with any public works or electrical system, you can simply call City Hall at (402) 773-4225,